Chapter 1-5 Questions- (Students will complete these questions throughout the week. Students will demonstrate their comprehension with an assessment to be taken on Friday along with the vocabulary assessment.)

1. Brian Robeson was headed to in a Cessna 406 to spend the summer with his dad. (d)
a) the coast of Florida
b) the wilderness of Colorado
c) the desert of Nevada
d) the oil fields in Canada

2. Brian is a 13 year old boy who is upset by his father's secret.
a) True
b) False

3. What was Brian's father's job?
a) doctor
b) janitor
c) oil engineer
d) chef

4. During his flight, Brian was thinking about
a) playing with friends
b) his parents divorce
c) going on a bear hunt
d) learning how to fly a plane on his own

5. While in flight, the pilot taught Brian how to
a) build a fire in the rain
b) how to use the radio
c) how to steer the Cessna plane
d) how to speak a foreign language

6. Brian decided he should land the plane
a) at the nearest airport
b) on an empty wheatfield
c) on a lake
d) in the park

7. Brian was given the hatchet by
a) his father
b) his girffriend
c) the pilot
d) his mother
e) he bought it himself

8. A piece of metal from the plane stabbed Brian in the back during the plane crash.
a) True
b) False

9. Brian was troubled by something he saw with his friend Terry. What was it?
a) he saw another boy hit by a car
b) saw a moose walking near his home
c) he saw someone break into his locker at school
d) saw his mother with another man

10. What are the sequence of events so far in the story?

1) Brian learns how to steer the plane
2) The pilot dies
3) Brian gets attacked by mosquitos
4) Brian drinks water from the lake
5) Brian sees his mom with another man
6) The plane crashes into the lake
7) Brians mother gives him a hatchet
8) The plane runs out of gas

11. Brian woke up very
a) wet
b) cold
c) thirsty
d) drunk

12. The author uses flashbacks throughout these chapters. What is the purpose of using these flashbacks during the story?